[Video] Pebbles Opens Up About The TLC Biopic & L.A. Reid’s Alleged Affair On The Wendy Williams Show

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Pebbles-on-Wendy-Williams-2                       Pebbles-on-Wendy-Williams-1                     With her daughter Ashley front row and center in the audience, TLC’s former manager and L.A. Reid’s ex-wife Pebbles stopped by Wendy Williams today to defend herself after she was made out to be a money-hungry mean girl in the TLC Biopic. Since the biopic aired, she’s been getting slammed left and right in the media and on social media, so she wanted to set the record straight once and for all. During her interview, she told Wendy that she completely believes Chilli was sleeping with her husband L.A. Reid, and that the part in the movie where the girls were making $25 a week was fabricated. She also claimed that it was T-Boz and Left Eye who wanted Chilli out of the group, although the movie made it seem as though she kicked Chilli out. They say there is two sides to every story so who knows what’s really true in this back and forth, but catch a few highlights and video below: On if she removed Chilli from TLC [I] Absolutely [did] not [kick Chilli out of the group]. T-Boz and Left Eye did. [They kicked her out] because of what they said was happening in the studio. That [Chilli dating Dallas] was the conflict of interest. This is what they said to me, ‘She’s in here doing this and doing that.’ They have group rules. I sat them down early on and said, ‘Establish how you want to be a unit so you can keep your communication together. Make rules. Don’t cross these rules.’ You have three girls. You gotta keep them together. You’re supposed to not [fraternize with the help.] Everybody is going to gravitate, hell, I married my producer. That was love. But what I’m saying is this, they did not like it, they did not want it. And it is the truth. On if she believes Chilli was sleeping with L.A. Reid behind her back: Absolutely. I didn’t know. I suspected a couple of things, but I didn’t want to believe that. And for years, I didn’t want to believe that because I felt like they were daughters to me. I am going to write my book and put it in there, but believe me when I say, I saw a couple of things. On if she ever caught Chilli and L.A. Reid having sex: Let me explain something to you, I would’ve caught a case, had I seen something like that back then. On if Left Eye and T-Boz knew about the affair: I believe so. Chile, you gon’ have to ask them. All I know is what it produced. On if she paid TLC $25 per week: I don’t do $25 on things. I’m a very generous person. That’s a lie… a huge one. On buying the girls Rav 4s In terms of the Rav 4, that’s what you asked for, that’s what you wanted, fine. Listen, you don’t have Ferrari money. Why get you one? You haven’t made that. You just came out. You’re a new group. Uh, I went platinum too. First new artist contracts, you do promotional tours. You do opening act tours. That’s not Ferrari money, honey. You just got here. You only had a couple of singles out. On VH1 claiming that parts of the movie were not true to avoid a lawsuit You said it was a true story, you told the public this and you made hate campaigns start against me. And now, all of a sudden, in your fine print, you’re gonna say some of the story was made up? On her daughter threatening Chilli We don’t do beatdowns. Read more: Necole Bitchie.com: [Video] Pebbles Opens Up About The TLC Biopic & L.A. Reid’s Alleged Affair On The Wendy Williams Show http://necolebitchie.com/2013/11/13/video-pebbles-opens-up-about-the-tlc-biopic-l-a-reids-alleged-affair-on-the-wendy-williams-show/#ixzz2kYcJj5oS Read more at http://necolebitchie.com/2013/11/13/video-pebbles-opens-up-about-the-tlc-biopic-l-a-reids-alleged-affair-on-the-wendy-williams-show/#hjCRsBE3yB7R5yfG.99 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1O3VHdcLpTQ

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