The Wendy Williams Documentary Comes To Lifetime

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Wendy Williams is the hot topic of the latest new Lifetime documentary ‘Wendy Williams: What A Mess’ and the trailer has us all excited to watch already.

In this feature length documentary, Wendy Williams, the self-anointed Queen of all Media, sheds her private persona and speaks directly to the camera, discussing every inch of joy and humiliation she has experienced since childhood. From her apartment in Manhattan, we’re with Wendy during the course of her divorce, as she deals with being a ‘Hot Topic’ and finds a way to right her ship again. It’s a raw, no holds barred look with never-before heard truths about Wendy’s notorious feuds with celebrities, her shocking divorce, her childhood and the private darkness she has endured. This is the story of a self-made woman who finds herself at the start of a new life, uncertain of the future, but ready to reclaim her crown.

WENDY WILLIAMS: WHAT A MESS! airs JANUARY 30 at 10PM on Lifetime.