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NFL commish Roger Goodell has volunteered to reduce his salary to $0.00 during the coronavirus pandemic … which is HUGE considering the guy makes up to $40 MILLION a year.

Goodell went to the NFL’s compensation committee within the past month and expressed interest in forgoing his salary, according to Andrew Beaton.

Of course, Goodell is BY FAR the highest-paid sports league commissioner … with the NBA’s Adam Silver and MLB’s Rob Manfred making somewhere near $10 million a year, according to reports.

FYI — Goodell’s base salary is reportedly around $20 million … but can double with incentives.

The commish ain’t the only one taking a pay cut … some of the league’s other top execs are taking between 5-20% salary decreases, according to Seth Wickersham.

Goodell’s pay reduction started this month … but does NOT reflect the league’s plans for the 2020 season — AKA, there’s still hope for a season.

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