Pharrell Is Ambassador For International Day Of Happiness March 20th

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People of the world have very little in common as a whole. That makes it tough for the United Nations General Assembly to find anything to bring us all together, you know, that aren’t wars or the Olympics. One trend has struck with equal enthusiasm across the planet however: “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Hence the international law body has gotten Mr. Williams to serve as the ambassador for the International Day of Happiness on March 20.

The day isn’t a brand new concept (originally staged during 2012), nor was created with the hit single “Happy” in mind. But considering the international acclaim that the track has brought Williams, it seemed an obvious choice of theme for this year’s event. The track is currently at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100, and it’s sold more than 400,000 downloads for two weeks now. It’s topped the downloads chart for three weeks running. More than 90 countries have it at no. 1 on iTunes. There is only one person on the whole planet who claims to hate the song, and it’s our intern, Claire. And she’s a generally gloomy and dismal person who listens only to Norwegian black metal.

Williams never says no to being happy, especially when it brings loads of free attention to his hit single. Fans will be encouraged to upload YouTube videos of themselves being happy (set to the tune of “Happy” of course) with the hashtag “#HAPPYDAY” to the website 24hoursofhappiness.com, beginning on March 10. Williams will choose his favorites to display on the site during International Day of Happiness.
If you feel like actually making someone happy, Williams also encourages fans to donate to the Central Emergency Relief Fund, a fund affiliated with the U.N.

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