New Birth Control You Wear

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IF you have a habit of forgetting to take your oral contraceptive pill, listen up.

Scientists think they could have come up with a solution, after a new type of birth control – in the form of jewellery – has been developed.

The clip-on earrings are infused with synthetic hormones which are absorbed by the skin from the woman’s earlobe and into her blood.

The hormones are similar to those found in the pill, working in the same way but removing the risk of forgetting to take your pill.

The new form of contraception has been detailed in a recent edition of the Journal of Controlled Release, with chemists at the Georgia Institute of Technology in America explaining how forgetting to take your pill is a big problem among women.

“This is especially true for contraceptive hormones, which provide almost perfect prevention of pregnancy if used correctly, but have significant failure rates in typical use,” scientists wrote.