Louisville Protesters React To Breonna Taylor

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Angry protesters in Louisville, Kentucky screamed and broke out into tears Wednesday upon learning of a grand jury’s decision to only indict one copinvolved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor — and not for her killing.

Hordes of demonstrators had gathered in downtown Louisville ahead of the announcement of the much-anticipated findings in the grand jury probe into the fatal Mar. 13 incident.

As the announcement played over loud speakers in the area that the grand jury in Jefferson County, Ky., has charged former Louisville police detective Brett Hankison with three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree, some protestors could be heard shouting, “What the f—k is this?” “What the hell?” and “Is that it?” according to video posted to Twitter.

“What the hell? F—k ya’ll!” another yelled as some shouted out in agony.

Moments after the grand jury decision demonstrators began to march around the area in protest, chanting, “No justice! No peace!”

The grand jury did not announce any charges against the two other officers involved in Taylor’s death.

The charges against Hankison come six months after 26-year-old Taylor was shot by Louisville police while carrying out a so-called “no-knock” search warrant at her apartment as part of a drug investigation.

Cops had believed Taylor was stashing drugs for her ex-boyfriend, though no drugs were found in the apartment.

Hankison had fired off 10 shots during the botched raid and was indicted because some struck neighboring apartments.

Taylor’s death, along with the May 25 police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota, have sparked nationwide protests against police brutality and for racial justice.

The city of Louisville was bracing for riots and civil unrest ahead of the grand jury announcement into the killing of Taylor.

Members of the Kentucky National Guard were also deployed in the city where a state of emergency has already been declared in anticipation of protests.

Barricades have been set up to restrict vehicle access to downtown areas, stores and restaurants have boarded up their windows, and federal buildings have been closed.