Kendall Jenner Slows Down Internet With Nude Pics

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If your internet is running at a slow crawl this morning, blame leaked pictures of a nude Kendall Jenner horse riding on the beach and sprinting naked along the same shoreline, which have been shared millions of times on social-media networks.

The 22-year-old model is wearing absolutely nothing in the two photographs to have surfaced online, and TMZ reports they have been “stolen from photographer Russell James without permission.”

Stolen they may be, but the timing is excellent.

James is best known for his work documenting backstage fashion, and it appears the images have been taken from a new book called Angels, which conveniently comes out in the next few days, and features images and erotic portraits of models who have walked in the Victoria’s Secret shows. It’s the second time he has released a book with the same title and theme.

Jenner herself has not yet commented on the pictures or their early release.

Both the images of Jenner are from that book, although it is being reported that the book also contains pictures of her engaged in other activities traditionally undertaken with clothes on, such as tree-climbing.