Coolio, Gangsta’s Paradise Rapper, Dead at 59

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How did Coolio die? Though his cause of death has not officially been released, it’s believed he died of a heart attack. According to CNN, emergency responders answered a call at 4 p.m. local time for a medical emergency, they found Coolio unresponsive and performed “resuscitation efforts for approximately 45 minutes,” Erik Scott of the Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed. The patient “was determined dead just before 5:00 p.m.” Forty to 50 percent of heart attacks present with a “fatal event”, according to Dr. Chawla on LiveWell. “People ignore symptoms, which are usually taking place for weeks or months before finally having a heart attack with complete blockage. At that point, the heart isn’t getting blood and it can go into a life-threatening rhythm, which presents as cardiac arrest.”

Coolio’s talent manager Sheila Finegan confirmed the rapper’s death to CNN in a statement expressing their sadness and acknowledging his legacy. “We are saddened by the loss of our dear friend and client, Coolio, who passed away this afternoon,” Coolio’s talent manager Sheila Finegan told the news outlet. “He touched the world with the gift of his talent and will be missed profoundly. Thank you to everyone worldwide who has listened to his music and to everyone who has been reaching out regarding his passing. Please have Coolio’s loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.”

Michelle Pfeiffer, who starred in Dangerous Minds, the film that featured the Grammy-winning song “Gangsta’s Paradise”, led tributes on social media at news of the rapper’s death. “Heartbroken to hear of the passing of the gifted artist @coolio. A life cut entirely too short,” she wrote on Instagram with a clip from the movie. “As some of you may know I was lucky enough to work with him on Dangerous Minds in 1995. He won a Grammy for his brilliant song on the soundtrack – which I think was the reason our film saw so much success. I remember him being nothing but gracious. 30 years later I still get chills when I hear the song. Sending love and light to his family. Rest in Power, Artis Leon Ivey Jr.”

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times in 1994, Coolio said he wasn’t looking to make it big in the music industry. “I wasn’t looking for a career, I was looking for a way to clean up – a way to escape the drug thing,” he said. “It was going to kill me and I knew I had to stop. In firefighting training was discipline I needed. We ran every day. I wasn’t drinking or smoking or doing the stuff I usually did.”

Coolio’s Grammy win came in 1996 at the height of a fierce feud between East and Westcoast hip-hop communities, that would take the lives of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. soon after. Coolio used his Grammy speech as a call for peace to unite the two groups in a truce. “I’d like to claim this Grammy on behalf of the whole hip-hop nation, West Coast, East Coast, and worldwide, united we stand, divided we fall.” In 2022, the song reached a milestone of one billion views on YouTube. “It’s one of those kinds of songs that transcends generations,” he said in an interview shortly before his death. “I didn’t use any trendy words…I think it made it timeless.”

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