Chance The Rapper Gets Married

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Chance the Rapper, has tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, and social media has already gone giddy with comments, views, pictures, videos, and retweets. There’s much to unpack about the wedding, the wedding’s guests, and even the rapper’s proposal to his girlfriend, fiancée, and now wife, Kirsten Corley.

Fans may know a little about Chance (his birth name is Chancelor Jonathan Bennett), and now, they want to know whom Corley is, and how the pair’s wedding unfolded!

Being a Chicago native, it is no wonder Kanye West showed up for his fellow entertainer, Chance’s wedding. The two Chicago rappers have long been friends, having Chi-Town in common and more.

On the wedding guest list and in attendance were West and his wife, Kim Kardashian, who showed up in a colorful dress, and Comedian Dave Chappelle.

Reports are saying that Kim and Kanye were the last guests on the list to show, but that they “watched the ceremony intently and cheered for the bride and groom at the end of the ceremony, as they kissed passionately,” according to E! News.

“After the ceremony, Kim and Kanye hung out with Dave Chappelle on the lawn,” the eyewitness said to E! News. “They were all laughing together and having a great time. They posed for photos and Chance came over to chat. They congratulated him and gave him hugs. Kim and Kanye were offered some champagne. Kim passed but Kanye took a glass. Then they walked inside together for the reception. It looked like they were very happy to be there and to see their friend get married. They both never stopped smiling.”

Kardashian, West, and Chappelle, laughing it up at Chance the Rapper’s wedding? A classic scene, if you can imagine.

“Me and the men who mentored me,” Chance said in the Instagram post above, which shows a photo of Kanye West, Dave Chappelle, his father, and gospel figure, Kirk Franklin.