10 Reasons To Watch The GRAMMYS Tonight

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1) We have two — count ’em two — Beatles performing on the GRAMMY stage. We hope this fabulously thrilling turn of events will make viewers forgive the fact that we don’t have Freddie & The Dreamers or any of Herman’s Hermits.

2) It’s technically possible that a really cool and wildly talented superstar power couple could surprise us and join the GRAMMY festivities — and that neither one of them will be a Kardashian.

3) In terms of other world leaders, we’re keeping things classy: President Vladimir Putin likely won’t be there, but her majesty Queen Latifah probably will.

4) As far as the world’s great spiritual leaders, Lorde herself will walk with us on Sunday. Lorde has a really cool voice — and from what I hear, she moves in mysterious ways.

5) As far as we know, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would never threaten to close down any of the roads to Staples Center.

6) We have some very bright musicians performing on the bill this year. For example, Taylor is Swift. Robin is not at all Thicke. And Keith is actually rather Urbane.

7) Recent research proves televisions give off a considerable amount of heat, and for many of you on the East Coast, that will be a good thing because, to quote a great song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

8) How about Carole King with Sara Bareilles? Metallica with classical piano great Lang Lang? Highwaymen Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson with Merle Haggard and Blake Shelton? Robin Thicke with Chicago? Kendrick Lamar with Imagine Dragons? Also Queens Of The Stone Age rocking the GRAMMYs with Nine Inch Nails, Lindsey Buckingham and Dave Grohl?

9) You want more? Okay, how about Katy Perry singing a smash at the top of the charts? Hunter Hayes with a great new song you have to hear, and the amazing Pink creating another great GRAMMY Moment for the ages. Also, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and some amazing guests will come together for a performance that I guarantee you everyone will be talking about on Monday morning.

10) Because despite somehow getting to No. 10 on this list, when it comes to the GRAMMY Awards, you really have to see it all, hear it all and tweet it all for yourself.

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